At Budget Contractors School we provide the finest quality in licensing instruction. Our professionally trained staff will work hand-in-hand with you from the day you enroll until you pass the examination.


Budget Contractors School provides a comprehensive contractors license exam preparation program designed to help the qualified applicant achieve success when taking the state contractors license examination.


This is accomplished through a two-part program, the first being a workshop with an instructor that meets once a week (at night) for two hours. The student is issued textbooks, given weekly reading assignments and practice exams, and takes part in group question and answer sessions. The workshop is focused on the law portion of the exam, and students are provided their trade material for home study.

Crash Course

The second part of the program is a two day, 16 hour crash course. This is a seminar type of program which is developed by our highly qualified research staff. This comprehensive "crash course" deals with both the law and trade sections of the exam, and includes examination briefing, mock law and trade examinations, and personalized assistance. Our crash course program is offered on a weekly basis before the students examination date.


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